Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who am I~?

Who am I ?

Not Perfect by far

I know

A Sinner

From my first breath

Living My Days

Hear on earth

Fighting to redeem

This soul

To smother

The fire and brimstone

Fighting the temptation

That keeps me from

Being whole

Searching for the path

That will one day

Lead me to my home

Who am I ?

Not Perfect

By far I Know

Es ist mich


-fiexa- said...

Hurm,if evry single person is perfect then nobody will need each other..everything's perfectly complete. there's no reason to find your pieces of missing puzzles anymore.

jz my two cents~


but i'm x perfect either. heee~

The Strange said...

yeah.. even i think im not perfectly perfect.. but im still awesome i guess.. hehe.. n i need all my friends stay with me.. tq dear~

-fiexa- said...

yup, u r awesome. betul!
friends..complement urself. cari kawan, jgn cari lawan.
welcome anyway~

mie ahmad said...

huh kapla? ngeee hahhaa